The Rise Up & Walk After-School Enrichment Program is the result of our Founder Clyde Evans Jr’s desire to provide a safe haven for youth in grades K-12 during the OST (Out of School Time) hours from 3pm-6pm, Monday – Friday. The ASEP Program is funded primarily by tuition fees. These programs are created through partnerships between schools and local community resources to provide literacy, academic enrichment and safe constructive alternatives for students in kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12).

After-School Enrichment Program Elements
The ASEP (After-School Enrichment Program) is aligned with, and not a repeat of, the content of regular school day and other extended learning opportunities. A safe physical and emotional environment, as well as opportunities for relationship building is provided. The After-school program consist of the two elements below and ASEP program leaders work closely with school site principals and staff to integrate both elements with the school’s curriculum, instruction, and learning support activities.

  1. Educational and Literacy provides tutoring and homework assistance designed to help students meet state standards in one or more of the following core academic subjects: reading/language arts, mathematics, history and social studies, or science. A broad range of activities is implemented based on each student needs and interests.
  2. Enrichment offers an array of additional services, programs, and activities that reinforce and complement the school’s academic program. Educational enrichment includes but is not limited to, positive youth development strategies, recreation and prevention activities. Such activities involve the visual and performing arts, music, physical activity, health/nutrition promotion, and general recreation; career awareness and work preparation activities; community service-learning; and other youth development activities based on student needs and interests. Enrichment activities are designed to enhance the core curriculum of NYS.

Purpose and Objectives
The ASEP program provides an opportunity to merge school strategies with community resources. The goal is to support local efforts to improve assistance to students and broaden the base of support for education in a safe, constructive environment. The intent of the ASEP program is to provide safe and educationally enriching alternatives for children and youth during non-school hours. The program creates incentives for establishing locally driven after school education and enrichment activities. The ASEP program involves collaboration among parents, youth, representatives from schools and city agencies, such as local law enforcement, houses of worship, local parks and recreation departments, corporations, individuals from community-based organizations and the private sector. Through these partnerships between schools and local community resources to provide literacy, academic enrichment, and safe, constructive alternatives for students in grades K-9, Rise Up & Walk is positioned as one of the leading organizations in youth development.

After School Enrichment Program
“Enriching Education through Exciting Experiences and Exploration”

Rise Up & Walk‘s After School Enrichment Program provides a warm, caring environment beyond school hours where your children have the opportunity to develop and learn with school friends and get homework completed and out of the way before the family sits down to dinner. We offer exciting activities which stimulate children to be healthier and happier, including sports, art activities and computer exploration. The After School Enrichment Program is community based, utilizing age-appropriate materials and equipment for students. From the media center to the playground, students spend out-of-school hours in safe and stimulating environments. Using a curriculum correlated with the NYC Standard Course of Study, ASEP staff, school administrators and teachers work together to ensure that students participating in our programs, have the benefit of a wrap-around support, that supplement the learning taking place during the school day.