Mission Statement

To provide educational and recreational programs to youth in PreK – 5th grade that promotes academic achievement, positive social development, spiritual awareness, and community service.


To expand our outreach to more students by providing greater access to the afterschool program initiative.

Program Goals

  • Academic and Other Learning Goals
    • Improved literacy and communication skills for all participants (including English language learners) in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and technology
    • Improved mathematics skills
    • Increased knowledge and skills in science and social studies
    • Increased knowledge, participation, and skills in the visual and performing arts
    • Increased awareness of real-life uses of academic skills
  • Afterschool Homework Goals
    • Increased completion of homework
    • Increased quality of completion
  • Social and Emotional Goals
    • Improved social skills
    • Increased leadership and responsibility
    • Reduced at-risk behavior
    • Improved emotional well-being
  • Health and Fitness Goals
    • Improved nutrition and health practices
    • Improved physical development
    • Increased physical activity
  • Safety and Environmental Goals
    • Improved personal safety
    • Increased support for working parents
  • Community Engagement Goals
    • Improved community awareness and engagement
    • Increased amount of service-learning activities
    • Increased civic responsibility