Child Care Enrollment Process

ACS offers vouchers for clients who are receiving public assistance or welfare. Vouchers can only be applied to childcare programs that are NOT sponsored by ACS. A voucher permits families to receive subsidized care for childcare services outside of the ACS-funded program, and payments are sent directly to the childcare provider. Voucher size is based on income and household size, and a client must recertify each year. Once a client has started the application process, they will be put on the waiting list. The vouchers are associated with the Human Resource Administration and treated in conjunction with public assistance, whereas subsidies are directly from the ACS. Therefore, the amount given by HRA in vouchers may be different from the amount given by ACS in subsidies.


  • Must have children under the age of 4 ½ to 12 yrs.
  • Must have a qualifying income (see website below)
  • Receive services such as cash assistance, TANF, or public assistance
  • Work 20 hours or more per week
  • Attend an approved school (High School, GED program, or 2-year college) or training program
  • Receive preventive or protective services for the child

How to Apply

Clients must first call 311 and tell the operator they are interested in ACS/HRA childcare vouchers. If the client is qualified, they will be put on a waiting list. For those clients who have already established public assistance or welfare, the application goes directly to the client’s job center, where they applied for public assistance. The job center then submits payments directly to the childcare center.

Contact Information

The Administration for Child Services is reached at 212-341-0900. For information on programs not funded by ACS, call the NYC Child Care Resource and Referral Consortium at 888-469-5999.

Apply for Child Care. Click the link below to learn how:

Parents who have the childcare voucher can complete the childcare enrollment with the afterschool program. Please feel free to contact Mr. Evans at 718-673-8177.

For 2021/2022 School Year

There will be an application/registration fee per child. With that fee, your child’s seat will be held until we receive the actual application, medical forms, and tuition payments. All tuition payments are due by the 3rd of each month. Debit/Credit cards, cash app, and cash are accepted. For more detailed information, please contact the afterschool main office at 718-673-8177.