My Brother’s Keeper Mentoring Program

The mission of the My Brother’s Keeper Mentoring program is to help guide and direct students as they prepare for their next phase of life from childhood into productive, independent adults. This will be accomplished with Intervention Teaching, Mentoring, Cultural History and Appreciation, Community Involvement, and Spiritual Awareness.

Summer Enrichment Academy 2023

Our program starts on July 5th, 2023, and ends on August 15th, 2023. Campers ages 4-12 years are engaged in academic and fun recreational activities.
Are you looking for an opportunity to work with youth in a safe and fun environment? We are looking for volunteers from ages 16 years old and up to help us.

Teen Internship

College and High School students engage in meaningful organizational and community projects while acquiring skills and communication for employment.

C.S.C. Program (High School Students)

Students will have an opportunity to work at a community-based not-for-profit organization while gaining the necessary credits for high school graduation.


YABC is a joint collaboration with seven NYC High Schools that provide participants with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn money at the same time. Academic programs are designed to meet the needs of high school students who might be considering dropping out because they are behind or have adult responsibilities that make attending school in the daytime difficult. Students graduate with a diploma from their home school after they have earned all of their credits and passed all of the required exams while attending the YABC. Students who are registered in a YABC program remain assigned for all accountability measures to their sending school. Attendance is strictly monitored and documented by the YABC program.

Eligibility (YABC)

To be eligible, students should be at least 17 years old, have attended high school for four or more years, and have earned 17 or more credits.

Intergenerational Program (IGP)

Expanding our IGP initiative, senior citizens 55 and older are engaged in meaningful skills development and growth by working with youth of all ages. Seniors receive training and assistance in efforts to secure additional skills for unsubsidized employment, job preparation workshops, job training, job interviews, and supportive services.